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Learn entrepreneurial skills

Get to know entrepreneurship and thrive in your career by developing the skills that matter. We support learning through face-to-face workshops, one off programs, and online micro learning.

Start a Startup

Got a great idea and ready to take it forward? We support startups on their journey, whether you’re wanting to get an idea off the ground, or looking to take the next steps in growing your business.

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Industry Collaborators

Samantha McKenzie – Acustico Lighting
Samantha McKenzie – Acustico Lighting

Introducing Acustico Lighting, design beautiful and functional lighting solutions that address wellbeing and comfort. Founded in 2017 by designer Samantha McKenzie, Acustico Lighting’s range of products address both form and function. Their products have been designed to absorb and…

Activator Startup Showcase
Activator Startup Showcase

If you weren’t at Activator HQ last Thursday night, boy, did you miss out! Our event space reached its capacity for the Activator Startup Showcase, where ten out of the twelve talented LaunchHUB teams shared the story of…

Chris — 1Fall Entertainment
Chris — 1Fall Entertainment

Australian and New Zealand wrestling Facebook and youtube show made possible by the students and volunteers of RMITV. We got the chance to speak to 1Fall Entertainment founder Christopher Bell about his charter to train and entertain. Could…