Activator IGNITE lands in Singapore

If you missed seeing Dylan around the Activator city campus office last week, that’s because he was busy presenting Activator IGNITE to some eager students in Singapore.
IGNITE is a two-day introduction into entrepreneurship, what it means to be an entrepreneur and the personal capabilities required. IGNITE focuses on building skills you can use in your everyday life to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, whether it be at work, uni or for your creative side hustle!
IGNITE Singapore was a collaboration between RMIT SIM, Platform E and RMIT Activator, to strengthen relationships and increase international engagement by providing an experience for the broader RMIT community.
Platform E is an educational and incubator programme based in the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Platform E Community Lead Jing Han Tan described IGNITE as the conduit through which RMIT Activator can be brought to the RMIT community in Singapore. “With Platform E as a partner, we are hoping to give RMIT students and alumni the opportunity to experience a little of what entrepreneurship entails before taking the leap into the full programme.”  
Jing Han continued, “the highlight for me was witnessing how students took the lead with hands-on, experiential learning throughout the entire workshop, which is so refreshing and different from most classroom settings here in Singapore. It’s also been an eye-opening experience, understanding how much effort and time goes into starting a business especially, at the initial ideation stage.”
Thirteen students joined the intimate pilot program in Singapore, where they worked on best practice pitching, giving constructive feedback, problem identification and clarification, persona development and surveying. Feedback from the two days was overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to experiential learning and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries.
Some participants had only experienced didactic teaching styles until IGNITE and enjoyed the hands-on approach. “It’s great to see that even when students are accustomed to a very different educational experience, this style of learning still resonates strongly with them,” said IGNITE facilitator Dylan Bennett.
Student feedback from the experience described IGNITE as the “perfect starting point towards their entrepreneurial journey” as well as “really interesting and surprisingly empowering.”
Jing Han said “the students took away the essential values of having the courage to be heard and not to fear constructive criticism. This was very evident at the final check-out when before they were quieter and more hesitant, at the end everyone had something to share.”
You don’t have to live in Singapore to join IGNITE, we run them monthly here at Activator HQ, so if you or a friend would love to build your entrepreneurial mindset, sign up now.
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