Activator Startup Showcase

If you weren’t at Activator HQ last Thursday night, boy, did you miss out! Our event space reached its capacity for the Activator Startup Showcase, where ten out of the twelve talented LaunchHUB teams shared the story of their startups in punchy three-minute pitches.
The entrepreneurial energy on the night was tangible, and was evidence of the breadth of the Activator community – both across the University and the broader startup ecosystem – who lend their support and expertise to the teams in so many ways. LaunchHUB is RMIT Activator’s twelve-week startup accelerator program that supports early-stage startups affiliated to RMIT through an immersive journey towards market launch. The diversity of the cohort bring a dynamic mix to the program and according to one of the founders “Its the interactions with other startup teams and the shared solving of common problems which is of great value”. Pitching is a hugely important part of a startup’s ability to build exposure and attract future funding. The teams succeeded in delivering slick, simple messages, which were oozing with the passion they have to solve a diversity of problems in unique ways.
The startups in the LaunchHUB July program were:
  • Brandollo
  • Girigiri
  • Role Spot
  • SWADE Medtech
  • Made of Bamboo
  • Acustico Lighting
  • AutoResume
  • Trusty Gate
  • ClassCom
  • Healthy You HQ
  • Honour with Fete
  • The Australian Spatial Observatory
Paz Pisarski, Activator Startup Program Coordinator, did an incredible job hosting the night, encouraging the audience to support our teams in any way they can, as well as the need to foster a strong sense of community in the startup space.

LaunchHUB manager Julie Stevens spoke to guests about the role universities play in supporting entrepreneurship, enterprise skills, and startups. LaunchHUB Experts-in-Residence Dave Budge and Linda Overstrom both reflected on their experience working with each of the diverse teams in a mentoring and business coaching capacity, leaving the teams with some words of wisdom for the journey ahead.

Two lucky winners received generous giveaway prizes, made up of products and services courtesy of our LaunchHUB teams. The night was a resounding success, with the teams forming invaluable connections to help them on their business journey. Co-founder of girigiri, Geoffrey Mann, was able to connect with a business owner interested in joining the girigiri app, solidifying the integral role events like this play in supporting our startups beyond the LaunchHUB program.

The evening was not only a chance to celebrate our teams over great food, wine, and company but also a platform to meet like-minded people and grow the Activator community.

It’s hard to believe the last LaunchHUB program has come to an end, and it’s even harder to believe the team at Activator are already reading through submissions for our next intake.

We can’t wait to meet the next wave of RMIT entrepreneurial talent ready to shake up the startup space!

Here are some more pics from the night. Images by Felix Danphy.

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