Activator Startups Launch into LaunchHUB

The year is almost over and that means it’s time to celebrate, and we’re doing just that, having just inducted a new cohort of extraordinary startup teams in Activator’s accelerator program LaunchHUB! The program kicked off last week with enthusiasm, big ambitions, and a great energy across the teams.
On the competitive selection process, Julie Stevens head of Activator Startups commented that recruiting and selecting teams for LaunchHUB provides a privileged window on the breadth of entrepreneurial talent across the RMIT community. “It also makes for a really hard process to narrow down to the final teams. In this process, we are fundamentally looking to back founders who have the vision and potential to execute innovative solutions to big problems.
So from over sixty highly compelling applications, a final thirteen successful teams were chosen, and we will journey with them over the next twelve weeks on an intensive business building process to support their progress across critical early stage milestones.
Activator startup coach Matt Frith, who works with the teams to achieve their goals, describes the success metrics of the program, stating “our success metrics are based around helping teams progress their ventures in four key areas; customer interaction, product development, go-to-market, and growth.”
Benefits of the LaunchHUB experience are highly sought after, with participants gaining 24-hour access to CBD co-working space, startup experts, access to interns, opportunities to build networks, as well the opportunity to apply to pitch for Activator’s Capital Fund. The fund provides successful teams interest-free loans of up to $25,000 to help them on their early stage startup journey.
Alex Young, co-founder of mental app Innate said, “LaunchHUB’s balance of community, access to student interns, facilities and access to the Activator Capital Fund were all strong reasons for us to join.”
LaunchHUB participants also receive exclusive access to networking events, workshops, masterclasses and showcase opportunities.
John Smithies from cultural development platform Whitebox Outcomes said “discovering LaunchHUB was a key moment after years of research, it’s a starting point that had been missing for us. We know all the parts that we need to move forward at the pre-launch phase, but the challenge is getting it together in one place at the right time. Activator offers us opportunity to fill in the missing parts needed to complete the product and launch.”
The startup founders are representative across the breadth of our RMIT community including alumni, staff, researchers, and students. Impactful and innovative solutions are a common thread amongst each of the teams with startups working on problems across financial services, hospitality, professional services, sports, health, government services, and lifestyle. We are also looking forward to providing tailored support to a couple of research-based innovations.
Without further ado, let us introduce you to the new teams (remember their names before they take over the business world!)
  • Convo
    Connecting businesses in the hospitality industry with modern consumers 
    through messaging apps.

    Check out Convo.

  • Dhihub Solutions
    Developing HR chatbots for businesses, enabling staff and 
    customers access right information with minimal human intervention.

    Check out Dhihub Solutions.

  • GLASS HOUSE Design & Technology
    Research-based technology using recycled glass to make panels, which can be used for construction materials (facades and interior partitions).
  • Hood Food Guide
    An app for connecting diners to chef recommended restaurants and chef services.

    Check out Hood Food Guide.

  • IDA Sports
    Designing the world’s best football boot for women.

    Check out IDA Sports.

  • Innate
    Increasing mental resilience in teens and young adults by educating them in a range of skills/strategies from CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) wrapped up in a narrative-driven gaming experience.
  • Multimatch/‘Tradekart’
    Helping builders and contractors save time and money with an Online Trade Store that delivers building supplies directly to their worksites.
  • Pencil Rocket
    Helping businesses tell their story through video and social media.

    Check out Pencil Rocket.

  • Pinky & Kamal
    A fashion label where our threads weave movement, simplicity and great design into a garment that adds a little extra comfort to your already soulful life.

    Check out Pinky & Kamal.

  • Qtracts
    Providing a smart contracts platform for financial services.
  • Reputationaire
    Risk profiling via ratings from relevant websites. Using a blockchain aggregate online platform for optimising risk profiling.

    Check out Reputationaire.

  • Umoform
    Providing user-friendly wearable motion analysis system for skills training and performance monitoring.
  • Whitebox Outcomes Planning Platform
    An online service to assist managers in publicly funded cultural organisations across the arts, libraries, and heritage, to better plan, execute and evaluate their cultural activities.
Pictured: Jisha Syriac & Sachith Thomas from Dhihub Solutions