Solve This — Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Solve This, Elijah Oxenham and Luke Tengstrom, the creators of Karma Pillows, share their journey in starting a side hustle on top of a demanding work schedule. The boys also share tips and tricks for getting support from your boss and the path to making your first sales. If you’re in two minds about whether to start a business or not, don’t miss this episode.
Get ready for some pillow talk!
Elijah Oxenham
As a co-founder of Karma Pillows, I bring to the team my strong program and project management skills along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship from RMIT University.
I also have a demonstrated history of working in the design industry and am highly skilled in Estimation, Contract Management, Team Performance, Client Engagement, and Reporting.
Luke Tengstrom
As Business Development Manager for Fjord Melbourne, I work with a with some of Australia’s largest private, not-for-profit and public-sector clients ranging from government, banking, energy, and insurance to scope and execute new design, strategy, and technology transformation engagements.
Part of a global team of designers, creators, and strategists, Fjord Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading design and innovation firms. We combine Service Design and Strategy with Digital Product Creation to build end-to-end service design-led products at speed.
Previous to the Business Development role, I was a Service Designer, working on Fjord engagements to reimagine how our clients service their customers, create better employee experiences and deliver innovative products to market.
I grew up in a family-run business, which fueled my entrepreneurial spirit to do things differently. Outside of Fjord, I co-founded Karma Pillows, an e-commerce company that develops a high-end sleeping pillow. The start-up has been awarded pre-seed funded and part of RMIT’s Activator accelerator program. As part of our partnership with the university, I mentor new graduates and run guest lectures on entrepreneurship, e-commerce and service design.
Want more? Check out this in-depth interview with co-founder Luke Tengstrom:

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