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Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship or just wants to challenge yourself to learn new innovative ways to make change? Perhaps you’ve had an idea but don’t know how to turn it into something more. As popular as entrepreneurship is, there are still a lot of misconceptions and it’s IGNITE’s mission to demonstrate you don’t have to run your own business to be an entrepreneur.

IGNITE is a hands-on, activity based 2-day intensive workshop covering the foundational elements of entrepreneurship. If you are new to the entrepreneurship wave, this is the program for you.
Build your repertoire of lean and agile tools and uncover the elements of an entrepreneurial mindset. This foundational knowledge is essential for consideration into Activator’s other programs.
This isn’t your average workshop either. There are no powerpoint slides. No lecture style learning. We believe the best way to learn is to jump right in, do it, and learn from it.
Some topics and skills that we’ll cover
  • Ideation
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Presenting
  • Assumptions testing

Take a look at what past attendees have to say about IGNITE.

“It can help your perspective and think differently. It is also an eye-opener.”

“One of the best workshops I’ve attended! Really engaging with very high level content and a fantastic facilitator!”

“My interaction with Dylan and the other IGNITE participants enlightened me on the world of entrepreneurship!”

“IGNITE is definitely worth your time. It’s the perfect starting point on your entrepreneurial journey.”

“Worth doing, hands on, immersive, learning curves are well paced and nurtured, self_directed and supported at the same time.“

Blended- both online and workshop style
Co-created wth industry
Accessible to anyone – whether you have an idea or not
Leave with the skills to start your startup journey
A Snapshot

Activator IGNITE is a 2-day intensive course, supported by online learning, that will provide you a foundational understanding of the entrepreneurship process and mindset and inspire you to build something that is purposeful and impactful.

– 2-day intensive, workshop style learning
– Hands-on and activity based
– Learn practical tools and approaches
– Co-created with industry
– Runs monthly

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