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IGNITE is for those who want to create value, discard antiquated management principles and harness an entrepreneurial mindset in their day to day lives. As popular as entrepreneurship is, there are still a lot of misconceptions and it’s IGNITE’s mission to demonstrate you don’t have to run your own business to be an entrepreneur.


IGNITE is the foundational elements of entrepreneurship delivered through blended styles of learning, merging the flexibility of online study and the intensity of face to face development. IGNITE will take you from curious to competent whether you’re looking at establishing a new venture, optimising the returns on your side hustle or itching to make a change within your current organisation. This foundational knowledge is essential for consideration into Activator’s other programs.

Blended- both online and workshop style
Co-created wth industry
Accessible to anyone – whether you have an idea or not
Leave with the skills to start your startup journey
A Snapshot

Activator IGNITE is a 2-day intensive course, supported by online learning, that will provide you a foundational understanding of the entrepreneurship process and mindset and inspire you to build something that is purposeful and impactful.

– 2-day intensive, workshop style learning
– Hands-on and activity based
– Learn practical tools and approaches
– Co-created with industry
– Runs monthly



Industry has begun to recognise the value in entrepreneurial and enterprise skills. At Activator we’ve partnered with key collaborators to create relevant, credentialed online learning which can be completed in as little as 3 hours and linked directly to an academic transcript or a LinkedIn profile. The learning is compact and flexible, and crafted with the modern, mobile user in mind. Key skills addressed include:

    • Agile ways of working
    • How to freelance
    • Lean business basics
    • Problem solving in business and 
    • Creative thinking essentials

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Participants in Activator IGNITE will be automatically enrolled in up to five online micro-credentials.

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