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Launch Your Startup


LaunchHUB is designed to take early stage startups through an immersive journey towards market launch. We competitively select up to ten of most promising founder talent from our RMIT community to take part in a 12 week cohort-based program. If you are a startup team with a validated business idea and working prototype, your next step is to register your interest to apply.


LaunchHUB is a fast-paced program where our experts-in-residence support a milestone driven approach to achieving market launch. The program is built on a strong learning base of equipping founders with essential skills which can be applied directly to a startup. We connect you to relevant experts, advisors and networks to set you up on a runway to success well beyond the program.

Free 24/7 Co-working Space
Entrepreneur-in-Residence & Founder Advisory
Professional Advisory – business strategy, marketing, legal, accounting
Resilience coaching
RMIT expertise & networks
Masterclasses on founder essentials
Student interns
Access to Activator Capital Fund ($25k loan)
A Snapshot

LaunchHUB is an immersive 12 week program designed to support early stage startups to launch. We support founders through learning, advisory support, and access to networking and exposure opportunities.

– 12 Weeks
– Cohorts start July/Nov/Mar
– Shape your business model
– Develop your product and customers
– Launch in the market
– Build networks for future success
– Opportunity to apply for funding through the Activator Capital Board


The Activator Capital Board

The purpose

The fund is used to support new ventures through pre-seed loans of up to A$25,000, with a focus on helping businesses reach a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to enable successful business launch and attract third party investment for further business growth.


Funds are provided as an interest free loan (not a grant) with the intention to emulate typical business rules. Capital Board funding is a milestone driven funding approach- funding up-to A$25K which may be awarded through multiple rounds of application. All successful applicants will be expected  to pitch for funds and show what specific outcomes will be achieved over the following 3 months. And remember, RMIT does not take any form of equity in any Activator Start up.


To be considered for Activator Capital. a startup team must

– Be a part of the Activator LaunchHUB accelerator program.
– Not have previously received funding from prior NEIF or Capital Fund program.
– Be registered as a company and have a bank account in the company name*.

Our Current Startups

Ready to get started?


How do I apply for LauncHUB?

You can submit an expression of interest to apply to LaunchHUB at any stage. Once the program recruitment process opens, and we have flagged your profile as meeting eligibility criteria, you will be invited into the competitive selection process.

What are the eligibility criteria?

LauncHUB is open to any RMIT affiliated team (a core member) including students, staff and alumni. We are looking to support startups solving potentially high impact problems in innovative ways, and driven by technology to achieve scale.

Do I need a team?

As a launch stage startup, we require you to be part of a team with a complementary skills set and shared commitment to working on your startup.

What is the cost of the program?

The opportunity cost of LaunchHUB is covered by the program as a strategic initiative of RMIT to support enterprise development. It is provided free of any charge to selected participants from RMIT community.

What is the time commitment?

As a cohort-based, intensive program the true value of the program is derived from participation – including working from the co-working space with program peers, attending masterclasses and networking events, and having regular office hours check-ins with experts-in-residence. The compulsory weekly commitment to be in residence is roughly 10 hours.

What about my startup IP?

RMIT Activator is NOT claiming any IP rights in respect of idea/startup, however staff need to consult with RMIT research and innovation given that  “RMIT owns intellectual property created by a member of staff in the course of their employment.

Does LauncHUB provide access to funding?

As a participant of LaunchHUB you have the opportunity to be invited to apply for funding through the Activator Capital Fund for an interest free loan up to $25k.

What if I haven’t set up as a company- can I still apply for funding?

It is possible for teams to apply for Company Status and bank account after the funding application, however, clear commitment to do so within the funding window is required.

When is the next program running?

LauncHUB runs three programs a year, so support for your startup is never out of reach. Programs dates for 2018:
– LaunchHUB #1 -16 April to 3 September 2018
– LaunchHUB #2 – 16 July to 5 October 2018
– LaunchHUB #3 – 12 November to 11 February 2019