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Learn Enterprise Skills Online

Activator’s micro-creds introduce some key enterprise concepts and approaches that are useful regardless of career path. These micro-courses are designed with industry, accessible at any time and practice-based.

Each takes 2 – 4 hours to complete
Online – Access anywhere / anytime
Co-created with industry
Earn RMIT digital badges to show off to employers
Agile Ways of Working

Develop an agile mindset to improve teamwork, deliver value and embrace change.

Creative Thinking Essentials 

Apply creative thinking techniques to develop useful solutions to real world problems.

Digital Solution Design

Make user-first decisions by understanding the design-
thinking process as it applies to digital solutions.

How to Freelance

Gain an edge in a competitive market by understanding key aspects of freelancing.

Lean Business Basics

Get to know how a business model works by utilising lean practices and techniques.

Presenting Using Story

Take control of your presentations by developing skills to present them effectively.

Problem-solving in Business

Develop some strategies to identify, analyse and address important problems.

Currently available to Students only

Managing Money

Make better financial decisions by knowing key financial concepts and tools.

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