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Stress-test your idea


Sandbox is for entrepreneurs who want to take their idea to the next level. It is for entrepreneurs who have already skilled up in Bootcamp, who want to turn these learnings into action.


Sandbox is a flexible program, that combines learning, coaching and community to support you through the test and learn phase of your journey. Participants will set and work towards fortnightly milestones, with the aim of proving (or disproving) their idea by the end of the program. Their will be an emphasis on team building and developing your personal support networks.

Free 24/7 Co-working Space
Exclusive Community & Networking Opportunities
Access to RMIT expertise
Milestone Tracking & Coaching
A Snapshot

Sandbox is a 12-week program where entrepreneurs will test and iterate their idea as many times as possible, as well as work towards putting together their founding team.

– 12 Weeks
– Cohorts start July/Nov/Mar
– Develop and test a prototype
– Collaborate with startup founders
– Entry through Bootcamp
– Direct pathway into LaunchHUB*



Get started with the Activator Bootcamp, a 2-day intensive for all Sandbox participants. Through hands-on and high-intensity individual and group activities, participants will upskill in how to leanly test their idea, as well as how to build their founding team.

Under the guidance of expert facilitators and successful founders, and working alongside dozens of other passionate entrepreneurs, participants will

  • Identify and prioritise what assumptions they need to test
  • Formulate a testing action plan that using lean prototyping techniques
  • Understand their leadership potential and identify ways to better communicate with their teammates

Bootcamp is the key to unlocking your Sandbox access.

Have an idea for a business?
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How do I apply for Bootcamp?

To apply for Bootcamp, please click here and fill out the application form. The Activator team will then assess whether Bootcamp is the right program for you, and if not, will direct you towards a more appropriate program.

How do I apply for Sandbox?

Sandbox is only accessible for those who have already completed Bootcamp. To apply for Bootcamp, please click here and fill out the application form and the Activator team will be in touch.

Do I need to be there in person?

For Bootcamp it is essential that you are there in person for the full duration of the program.

For Sandbox, although there is no minimum time commitment, participants are required to come in for fortnightly face-to-face meetings. Weekly program workshops are not compulsory, however if participants want to attend, they must do so in a face-to-face capacity.

Do I have to commit a minimum number of hours?

Although there is no strict time commitment for Sandbox, we recommend you work on your idea for a minimum of 4 hours a week in order to move forward at a steady pace.

What if I need to drop out halfway through the program?

No problem, we understand life happens. If you need to drop out then reach out to the Activator staff and we’ll work through your situation and see how else we could help.

What if my team changes while I’m going through the program?

This is actually a good thing and part of what we want you to be doing in Sandbox! Just make sure you update the Activator team as soon as your team changes and we can make sure these people are noted as part of your team.

Is Sandbox just for scalable tech businesses?

Not at all. We’re for all entrepreneurs whether you want to freelance, have a small or medium business, not-for-profit or social enterprise, or global startup.

Can I get into Sandbox without going through Bootcamp?

No, it’s critical that you attend Bootcamp so that we know you have the tools you need to make the most out of your time in Sandbox. Bootcamp is also when you’ll meet many of your Sandbox cohort, so it’s critical in helping establish your support network.

Does Sandbox provide seed funding?

No, Sandbox is where you’ll need to learn how to hustle (not the dance) but rather how to do things on the quick and cheap.

Does Sandbox provide or subsidise professional services like legal or accounting?

No, Sandbox primarily focuses on lean testing and team formation hence professional services are outside of our remit. That being said, many of our workshops will be run by industry professionals who you may wish to contract at a later date once the program ends.

Does Sandbox provide interns?

No, Sandbox does not include RMIT interns as these are strictly reserved for established businesses. If you think your business passes this qualifier then Activator would be happy to point you in the right direction for you to coordinate your own RMIT intern.

Is Sandbox a pre-requisite for LaunchHUB?

No, Sandbox is not a prerequisite for LaunchHUB, however it is set up to give you the best chance of a competitive application.

Can I still participate in the program is my teammates are not from RMIT?

Yes, as long as one of your core team members is RMIT affiliated, then this is fine.