Solve This — Episode 1

Who better to kick off Solve This than the amazing team behind girigiri? Before you start listening, think about one thing: have you ever tried to do something spontaneous and had it turn out not quite how you imagined?
In Episode 1, the founders of girigiri, Kana Ando & Geoffrey Mann, chat with seasoned travelers Tom & Natalie, who share cautionary tales about how living in the moment can end badly.
Geoffrey Mann
My particular interest in the new digital era is driven by team operations that implement intellectual discussion, providing measurable and deliverable results in short time period. I am very attracted to the work ethic and the desire for challenges, professional development, and variety. An opportunity within operations will encourage me to draw upon my experience, knowledge and communication skills.
While running a startup I am also completing a Ph.D. with the focus on digital transformation for business to enhance their competitiveness globally. Currently, I balance a full-time position as co-founder of girigiri and sessional lecturer for Master students. These experiences have helped me become skilled in operation management, critical thinking, public speaking, contract law, and social media marketing. I have developed business relations with clients and colleagues whilst gaining valuable experience in the entertainment industry.
Finally, I enjoy numerous extracurricular activities such as running, tennis, and golf. I am currently a member of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.
Kana Ando
Bachelor of Cyber Security student at Deakin University with excellent work ethic and ability to adapt to different situations. Currently, I am a co-founder of technology startup company ‘𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐢’ where I have managed to solve consumers and businesses question of “what can I do right now?”. In addition, I have been involved in Vicwide Services Group, a Facilities Management Company by consulting with businesses who are interested in cleaning, security, electrical and other services for their premises. Furthermore, I also volunteer my time with The Australian Master of the Amateurs golf tournament as a Volunteer officer, demonstrating strong customer service and administration skills.
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