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Upcoming Learning Experiences

How to Design a Product

August 23, 2018 04 : 30 - 08 : 00

Activator Skill Up Workshop - How to Design a Product

Are you thinking about designing a new product or are you in the process of prototyping? Have you thought about the value that your product can create? In this workshop, we'll Read More...



How to Deliver Power-Packed Stories

August 29, 2018 01 : 00 - 04 : 30

Skill Up Workshop - The Art of Storytelling

People who are exposed to emotional, character-driven stories recall the key messages years later. Your stories can transform, enrich and even save lives. Gathering and telling a good story is much more Read More...



Design a Lean Business Model

August 30, 2018 04 : 00 - 07 : 30

Skill Up Workshop: Design a Lean Business Model

A well articulated business model is more useful than a business plan.
But what is a lean business model and how do you create one? Co-facilitated with Will Dayble, wannabe teacher, Read More...



Fashion Tech Innovation Showcase

September 04, 2018 03 : 00 - 05 : 30

IFAB X RMIT Activator Fashion Tech Innovation Showcase

You're invited to Australia's first ever Fashion Tech Showcase! Come and meet the inspiring entrepreneurs who are bridging the gap between fashion, retail, and technology. Co-created Read More...



Introduction to Entrepreneurship

September 25, 2018 09 : 30 - 05 : 00

Activator IGNITE

If you are new to the entrepreneurship wave, this is the program for you. In 2 days we will cover the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial mindset and allow you to build your repertoire of lean and agile tools. This program also leads nicely into our online offerings so if Read More...





Activator’s micro-courses introduce some key enterprise concepts and approaches that are useful regardless of career path. These micro-courses are designed with industry, accessible at any time and practice-based.

Current RMIT Student can enrol through RMIT Creds.
RMIT Staff or Alumni can enrol here.

Skill-up Workshops

We want our community to be work-ready. Our face-to-face, 3 to 4 hour work – shops are collaborative, hands-on and activity-based. You will walk away with a specific skill that you can apply right away to get the job done.



Know what makes a business or product tick. Identify how an idea stands out from others and understand what leads to an unfair advantage.

Next Workshop:
August 14

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Think about the value that can created. Test your assumptions and design a product that is useful, valuable and necessary.

Next Workshop:
August 23

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Business models are more useful than business plans. Use lean thinking to complete a lean business canvas and prepare to build, measure, learn.

Next Workshop:
August 30

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Experience is everything. Use data to gain customer insights and develop an end-to-end customer journey.

Next Workshop:
September 5

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Don’t invest in a product first; invest in a trial. Develop a Minimum Viable Product that will give you customer insight and allow you to iterate.

Next Workshop:
September 13

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Think creatively to find a niche. Use guerilla marketing techniques and smart customer
acquisition processes to gain traction quickly.

Next Workshop:
September 19

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Projects are only as successful as the team is effective. Recognise how agile practices can lead to quality team outcomes.

Next Workshop:
September 26

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Tell your story well. Understand the audience, craft a narrative and feel comfortable pitching an idea. Leave with a practiced pitch.

Next Workshop:
October 4

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Community Events

We care about our community. Quite often we host events that inspire, educate and challenge you to think big and to be bold. This could be anything from a pizza night to an industry panel. Whatever the event, we do it for you.

See the calendar below for upcoming Community Events.

Activator IGNITE

Spark your interest in entrepreneurship with this short course.

Activator IGNITE will provide you a foundational understanding of the entrepreneurship process and mindset and inspire you to build something that is purposeful and impactful. Co-created with industry, this blended 2-day intensive hands-on workshop will leave you with a better understanding of what it takes to launch a successful business.

Ideas brewing

Our Pillars

Our Activator community embodies what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Our community are:

See opportunities everywhere.

Creative Problem Solvers.
Ask the right questions.

Tech literate.
Use your instrument wisely.

Team players.
Be a part of the bigger game.

Emotionally Intelligent.
Embrace emotional effort.

Make things happen.


Is Activator just for students?

No, not at all. The entire RMIT community is welcome- that includes staff, faculty and alumni. And students of course.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Everything we do here is completely free for RMIT students, staff and alumni.

Do I have to do any assessment?

No. In everything we do here we try to be different from the formal education elsewhere in the university. So we are free, we are bite-sized, we are hands-on, and we certainly don’t have any assessment.

Where do I go to find out more about upcoming events, workshops and courses?

This website is the place to go for all details. Though if you’re interested, sign up to our mailing list below and you’ll get regular updates.

Do I need to register?

Yes, please register here on the website. It’s really important for us to track our registration numbers, and also we need to know how many people to expect so the facilitators can be prepared.

How do I register for events and workshops?

This website is the best place to go to register. Go through to the event/workshop page and register there.

Can I bring a friend along, even if they’re not from RMIT?

Yes, you can. While we very much focussed on the immediate RMIT community, we put our community first. So, if you feel more comfortable to engage with us if you bring along a friend from outside the RMIT community, we’re not going to stop you. Just make sure they register as well.

What time are the workshops held?

They vary, but usually our workshops are on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons or evenings. Every now and then we will run a workshop on a Saturday. All workshops run for three and a half hours, which includes a break. If you think our times aren’t suiting you, but you’re desperate to come, email us and let us know – hello.activator@rmit.edu.au.

Where are the events and workshops held?

All Activator experiences and courses are held at Activator HQ. Find us in Building 98, 102 Victoria Street, Carlton. Just opposite the city baths.

Will there be food provided at the workshops?

Not usually. There’s plenty of food options around though, or you can bring your own along. Every now and again we may surprise you though with some dinner – just to keep you on your toes!

I’m an RMIT student and I have a lot of other university commitments, why should I come to a three and a half hour workshop with Activator on top of everything else?

Activator can actually enhance your other university education. Here you can learn things like communication and presenting, and project and time management skills which may actually make you more effective and efficient in your degree. Also, developing entrepreneurship skills alongside technical skills – such as engineering, design, fashion or science – will make you more employable when you finish up your formal education and start looking for a job.

Will I get the slides after a workshop or course?

Yes after every workshop you will receive a follow up which will include the slides.

If I register, but can’t make it, will I still get the slides?

No. Only attendees will get the slides. Sorry. But really, the slides aren’t that important. All of our learning experiences are very hands-on, and so generally the slides don’t mean much. It’s really about coming along and experiencing the learning.